Festivals in Chernivtsy

Festivals and feasts

Malanka Festival

The Malanka Festival celebrates New Year's Eve: 31st of December, or January 13th according to the Julian calendar which is the day of the Venerable Melania, hence the name of the festival. The tradition involves masks and costumes, like most clowns dress themselves. In old times, the festive costumes had an important religious and magical meaning, but over time this turned into just fun entertainment, a masquerade. On the feast of Malanka, the youth (in masks or without them) go all night singing traditional songs, parading through the village or city from door to door. If a house is not visited, it means bad luck for the people living there. Traditional characters are 'grandmother Malanka' and 'grandfather Basil' 'Roma', 'women', 'bear'. The holiday ends with a dip in the river. (cv.goldenpages.ua)

Bukovina Tourist Fair

The Bukovina Tourist Fair, held in Chernivtsy for 8 years now, symbolizes the beginning of the tourist season. Traditionally, the program of the event includes a number of informative and entertaining presentations: presentations of touristic possibilities in the region, of the best travel companies in the region, of private estates of rural tourism and there is an exhibition of books with information about "Bucovina Tourism" and an exhibition of handicraft products, which you can also buy.
The event brings together leading tourist businesses, community organizations, the Federation of Sports, the private sector of rural tourism, and tourist complexes in the Chernivtsy region, craftsmen and schools that specialize in the tourism industry. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Folklore and Ethnographic Hutsul festival-fair 'Zaharetsky Harchyk'

The 'Zaharetsky Harchyk' festival is to promote and facilitate the development of rural and ecological tourism in Bukovina, to improve socio-economic potential of the region and to identify ways to effectively use existing potential in rural areas. Also, it signifies the unique natural resources and the historical and cultural heritage and their preservation. The festival brings forward national culture and ethnic traditions and crafts, and searches and supports talented youth.
The festival gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with Hutsul ethnic national traditions and national singing and dancing. you can visit workshops of famous masters in different traditions. Every year more than 300 children and adolescents join the festival, working in the workshops. Scientific conferences are attended by experts from various fields of science, manufacturing, tourism and journalism. (bukoda.gov.ua)

’Vashkivetska Malanka’

The regional folk festival 'Vashkivetska Malanka' is to preserve and promote the heritage of centuries-old traditional winter rituals of the Bukovina region. Actively performing authentic folklore in song, theatrical performances, folk music, costumes and ethnographic attributes, involving youth and adults, is how these traditions, customs and ceremonies will not be forgotten. (bukoda.gov.ua)

’Mertsyshor Festival’

The regional festival of Moldovan and Romanian culture 'Mertsishor' is to preserve and promote the traditions and customs of the Romanian people. The festival is supported by Romanian artistic collectives and folk art masters residing in Ukraine. (bukoda.gov.ua)

’Songs of Spring’

International Children's Festival "Songs of Spring" is designed to help improve and promote the best examples of contemporary art. This festival is broadcast on radio and television in Ukraine. (bukoda.gov.ua)

’Songs will be among us’

This interregional song festival promotes songs and music of professional composers and poets, and searches for young creative artists and writers. They contribute to reviving and the preservation of the national culture and creative heritage of V. Ivasyuk. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Bukovina Circle

The 'Bukovina circle' festival of choreographic art preserves and develops traditions of all types and genres of choreographic art. It raises the artistic level of amateur dance groups and strengthens creative folk art and culture. (bukoda.gov.ua)

On the wings of hope

The regional Festival of Folk Art 'On the wings of hope' for people with disabilities promotes the rehabilitation and social integration of people with disabilities using art and creativity, and meets the spiritual needs of the disabled. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Bukovina Meeting

The international folklore festival 'Bukovina meeting' is for the preservation and presentation of folk traditions in Bukovina amidst settlers from Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Hotinskaya firmament

The 'Hotinskaya Firmament, Art Festival of Cossack glory' is held to promote the best achievements of the artistic heritage of the Cossacks, the spiritual patriotic education of youth, through the history of their ancestors. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Golden Applause Bukovina

The Regional Comedy Festival 'Golden Applause Bukovina' is to promote theatrical art, give nationally support to progressive tendencies in theaters, cultural arts, and education about the best achievements of Ukrainian theater. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Bukovina November

The regional festival of classical music 'Bukovina November' is to promote classical music, to support progressive trends in its development, and cultural and aesthetic education about the best achievements of Ukrainian music and other national cultures. (bukoda.gov.ua)


Moving words of the prophet

The regional competition of readers devoted to the remembrance of Shevchenko 'Moving words of the prophet’ is about the development of artistic expression, and to popularize the works of the famous Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko. (bukoda.gov.ua)

New Names

The regional qualifying round of the competition Ukrainian art program 'New Names' is a program that aims to identify and support young artistic talents in all kinds of genres: creativity and performance in the fields of music, fine arts, folk art, literature and the art of reading. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Pipes of Bukovina

The regional competition for young performers on wind and percussion instruments 'Pipes of Bukovina' is a contest that promotes musically gifted youth, increases their performance, popularizes playing wind and percussion instruments, promotes works of Ukrainian composers, and provides a place where people can exchange scientific and methodological expertise. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Bukovina Theatre Spring

The regional competition for amateur theater groups 'Bukovina Theatre Spring' aims for intensifying amateur theater, popularizing works of Ukrainian classics and contemporary drama. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Sidor Vorobkevich

The regional competition for amateur choirs 'Sidor Vorobkevicha' preserves the traditions of choral singing and further develops the talent of amateur choirs in Bukovina. It also popularizes the choral works of the composer, writer and teacher Sidor Vorobkevich. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Musical Fountain

The regional competition for amateur orchestras, ensembles of folk instruments, folk music and trios 'Musical Fountain' aims to preserving and further developing folk instrumental music in the Bukovina region. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Singing edge of Bukovina

The regional competition for amateur vocal ensembles and performers 'Singing edge of Bukovina' is a contest for preserving and developing amateur song writers and performers in the Bukovina region. (bukoda.gov.ua)

N. Yaremchuk competition

The regional competition for young performers of contemporary pop songs ’N. Yaremchuk’ is held to develop, popularize Ukrainian pop music and to support new talent. (bukoda.gov.ua)


Day of the city

City Day has become a truly unrivaled feast, when for a week in the squares, streets and parks of Chernivtsy festivals and carnivals, competitions and mass games, quizzes, competitions, performances of brass bands and pop art studios are being held. (bukoda.gov.ua)

From Christmas to the Jordan

The regional theatrical folklore-ethnographic festival of performers of traditional winter holidays and rites 'From Christmas to the Jordan' aims to reviving and preserving traditions, customs and ceremonies associated with New Year’s and Christmas in the Bukovina region. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Brass bands parade

The regional festival of brass music and the parade of brass bands further develops wind music in the area. The festival is held on Victory Day, 8th of May, at the Cathedral Square. Over a 1000 musicians take part in the celebration. (bukoda.gov.ua)

Poloninska Fire

The regional feast on pastures 'Poloninska fire' revives and preserves traditions, customs and rituals of Hutsul culture. The feast involves 'releasing' shepherds out on the meadows. According to traditional beliefs and rites, on the last Sunday of May after Easter, the shepherds take their flocks and go from the mountains to the meadows, where they will stay until the autumn.
This is a typical event in the Carpathians, called 'Out on the meadow' and is defined as a holiday, but after time it turned into a modern folk festival. The variety of clothing, music, dances, the traditional hearth fire, folk concerts; all these traditions are carefully preserved and passed on from generation to generation.
You can enjoy a theatrical Hutsul wedding, watch the extraordinarily beautiful rituals of Putilschini, taste the traditional cuisine and marvel the spectacular views of the Carpathian mountains and breathe the clean and fresh mountain air.
You can buy traditional clothing and items from skilled craftsmen, like embroidered shirts, pottery like tiles or plates, sheep wool blankets or wooden souvenirs, utensils and even furniture. High in the mountains you can hear the drymba and the flute.

In the village of Krasnoilsk, where the shepherds leave for 'Krasnoilst Valley', is a tradition in sheep breeding and production of animal products. With the beautiful Carpathians mountain in the background you can enjoy the local cuisine, original performances by folk groups, national dances and the wonderful atmosphere. (cv.goldenpages.ua)

Carried in the heart of Ukraine

Regional folk art-festival 'Carried in the heart of Ukraine' is dedicated to Ukaine’s Independence Day. Outside the museum, the regional artistic and folk holiday 'We carry in the heart of Ukraine' takes place. The program includes a theatrical composition, a gala concert, performances of amateur groups, a variety of exhibitions and entertainment for adults and children. (bukcentre.cv.ua/)

Vladimir Ivasyuk festival

The Festival of the Ukrainian Song celebrates the first performance of the songs 'Red Rue' and 'Waterfall' by Ivasiuk. The festival is organized by the regional Department of Culture, the regional Philharmonic Society and the Ivasiuk Memorial Museum. It aims to draw attention to be the best sources and achievements of te Ukrainian pop song. The founder was Vladimir Ivasyuk, to involve young performers in the culture of Ukrainian pop songs. (karpaty.lviv.ua)

The Peter Fair

The program of the fair: exhibition and sale of consumer goods, product presentations of local and domestic manufacturers, the construction industry, services, product masters of folk crafts, entertainment, cultural and artistic events. (yarmarok.cv.ua)

The Renewal Fest

The "Renewal Fest" involves the best folklore collectives, craftsmen and the Olga Kobylyanska Chernivtsy Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater. There is an exhibition and sale of handicraft items, historical reconstructions, fun for adults and children (horseback riding, children's art contest , tourist attractions, etc.), master classes in beading, embroidery, pottery, felting wool, production of ornaments, playing folk music, etc.), Bukovina cooking, showing of national cartoons and movies, a concert by popular Ukrainian groups and young performers. (cv.goldenpages.ua)


The Decorush Festival is about handmade Christmas gifts. Visit the festival to get acquainted with modern techniques, talk to artists, review and buy unique, sensual handmade gifts for your loved ones, friends and colleagues.
Discover the world of 'handmade’. Here you can not only buy handmade products, but also you can take part in master classes in felting, sculpting with polymer clay, macramé, pottery, creating jewelry, painting candles, tying beads, making dream catchers, knitting, creating jewelry and handmade cosmetics and more.
In addition, you can learn how to do body painting with henna. During the master class for mehendi, you get the basic skills for painting with henna, learn about how to prepare paints, the art of drawing, the symbolism and more. All workshops are for free. (geometria.ru)


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